Houghton master plan available for review

HOUGHTON – A draft of Houghton’s master plan is now available for the public to review.

The Houghton City Council approved distributing the draft at its meeting Wednesday night.

The plan was put up this morning on the city’s website at

State law requires each community to have a master plan, which is meant to provide an expression for the community’s goals and values for future actions.

After a 63-day comment period, the planning commission will hold a public hearing at 5:30 p.m. Oct 22. The city council Wednesday also declined to assert the right to approve or reject the plan.

Neighborhoods, transportation and downtown are the biggest topics, said Houghton Councilor Mike Needham, also a member of the Planning Commission.

Needham said the plan collects many of the programs the city has been talking about over the past couple of years, such as Complete Streets and Safe Routes to School.

The city’s recreation plan also constitutes its own chapter.

“It has an entire chapter on how we want to continue to expand housing availability in the city, and we want to try to be flexible enough to meet future types of demand that will be coming up, with more people wanting to live downtown and how we can facilitate that, things we can do to facilitate denser housing,” he said.

The plan also talks about preserving existing neighborhoods, as well as things the city would like to add, Needham said.

“There’s also a fair bit in the beginning of the plan that really is kind of a summary of our history and how we got to where we are, and how that drives what we’re going to be going forward,” he said.