No church can save a person

To the editor:

Talk about “unintelligible” (DMG 7-18-13). I had to locate the letter in question (from the Georgia writer) in order to make any sense of what had been previously written. (Thanks to the Gazette for making this possible on its nicely organized website.)

The Georgia letter writer was not only totally understandable but also wholly biblical. Conversely, this reader’s thoughts were tossed around like an out-of-control ping pong ball by the California resident.

All kinds of confusion is promoted by those who eschew the God of the bible.

Be certain of this. No church can save a person. Seek a personal relationship with Jesus Christ (Phil 3:10). Read your bible. And beware of counterfeit translations.

The end times are rapidly closing in on us. America is being challenged to its very core by it’s own highly questionable leaders. But this is merely bible prophecy being played out.

One more item of interest for staunch evolutionists to consider: the moon is moving away from earth about two inches annually.

If the earth is only 6,000 years old, there’s no problem, because in that time the moon would have only moved about 800 feet (250 m). But most astronomy books teach that the moon is over four billion years old, which poses a major dilemma – less than 1.5 billion years ago the moon would have been touching the earth! Source:

Marilyn Sager