Thanks to the Governor for taking his time

Those of us living in the U.P. have gotten used to cursory visits from our elected state officials and bureaucrats in Lansing. They’ll fly up, pose for the appropriate photo op, make a speech (especially during a campaign) and then be off not to be seen for months if not longer.

Fortunately, that hasn’t been the case this week when Gov. Rick Snyder visited the Keweenaw. The Republican participated in no fewer than three public events including a Town Hall meeting in Hancock, where concerns and questions from his constituents steered the course of the afternoon.

Snyder also took the time to stop into the Daily Mining Gazette for a conversation and interview with writer Garrett Neese.

At all of these events the Governor seemed relaxed, at ease and generally happy to be visiting.

There was no sense of urgency, or attempt to adhere to a rigid schedule.

We got the sense that here was a public servant who really wanted to hear what the public had to say.

Living, as we do, so far away from the political hub of the state it’s easy to feel neglected.

To feel that our voices aren’t heard and that officials at the state level care little about the lesser-populated regions of the state.

An opportunity is coming up when U.S. Rep. Dan Benishek will hold a public town hall meeting at 2 p.m. Monday, at the Hancock American Legion post.

We hope those with concerns on federal matters will be as involved as they were this week on state issues.

We commend the Governor for spending so much time in our area this week and we look forward to his next visit, which given his track record, won’t be too far off.