Liberal media is misleading

To the editor:

News is often distorted by those who report it. Liberals, who have dominated the news media for decades, have done biased reporting on abortion, gun control, race relations, etc.

George Zimmerman, who shot black teenager, Trayvon Martin, last year to defend himself, was mislabeled as a “white Hispanic.”

That was done to portray him as a racist.

Hispanics are people whose ancestry, language or culture are of Spanish origin. White Hispanics have predominately Spanish ancestries which, George Zimmerman does not have. His mother’s Hispanic identity is non-white, as a Spanish-speaking South American Indian from Peru.

The word “white” was misused when describing Zimmerman because it really referred to his father’s ethnic Jewish ancestry. George Zimmerman is biracial, not white.

Liberals condemn white racism, anti-Semitism and “homophobia.”

They also defend Hispanics as non-white victims of white bigots.

George Zimmerman’s biracial (Jewish and non-white Hispanic) identity contradicts their attempts to portray him as a white racist.

Then there was real homophobia, not the false label put on people who have moral values. Trayvon Martin told Rachel Jeantel he was being followed. She told CNN that she warned Trayvon that he might have a “rapist” following him and suggested that he run home. She said Trayvon “wasn’t that way” – not gay.

Rachel evidently convinced him the man following him was a homosexual predator.

It is obvious that Trayvon Martin confronted George Zimmerman in a violent homophobic reaction the liberal news media chose to ignore.

He died when Zimmerman shot him to defend himself. Racism had nothing to do with it.

That tragic death resulted from misconceptions about other things.

Robert Kohtala