Delighted by federal delay

To the editor:

I was excited to hear the news “Feds delay review of plan to drop wolf protections.” Surely, given the number of people that expressed outrage over the decision to drop three prominent wolf biologists from the committee, they really had no choice.

Apparently they thought they could pull the wool over the eyes of the public, but the public isn’t as ignorant as the Feds thought.

To remove well qualified wolf biologists who are avidly pro-wolf and against delisting the gray wolf at the present time gives the impression that USFWS is stacking the deck against wolves and has already made its decision.

If that is true, than we no longer live in a democracy.

The delisting proposal is open for public comment, and the public has a right to be heard.

We also have the right to expect any review to contain scientists from both sides of the aisle.

Janet Hoben

Burbank, Calif.