Copper Props Fly-in wonderful

To the editor:

Thanks to all who turned out on a beautiful Sunday for the EAA Chapter 1270 annual Copper Props Fly-In.

It was a wonderful day to fly, 150 community members got a taste of flying with local pilots, the community support was great, all seemed to have a good time. Thanks to our sponsors Vollwerth and Baroni Companies for the brats and hot dogs, to Pasty Central for the pasties, to our ad underwriters the Daily Mining Gazette, Vollwerth’s, Walmart, Econo Foods, Kevin Mackey-Attorney, Doug and Lisa McKenzie, and Houghton County Memorial Airport. Special thanks to our tireless organizer Henry Nordsiek who spent a year planning this, to our ground crew Todd Lewis, Craig Kimmer, Renee Dubois, Bruce Woodry, Mike Brogan, John Westerinen, Ed Schneiderhan, George Kinnunen, Fritz Wilson, Alex Hirzel, Dan Hopkins, Michele Myers. Special thanks to our pilots who donated their planes, time, and cost of fuel, including Jeff Burl, Warren Perger, Joe Masini, Mike Cyrus, Tom Curski, Frank Sager, Doug McKenzie, and our friend from the Marquette EAA Chapter Fred Benzie. The bravery and enthusiasm of the 150 “Young Eagles” (8 to 17 year olds), “Eagles,” (those over 18) and some younger pilots-to-be made it a gratifying day for all the members of the EAA Chapter 1270 and we look forward to repeating the event next year.

Doug McKenzie

President of the EAA Chapter 1270