Detroit paper’s comments not taken well

Last Thursday on its website, The Detroit News made what we feel is an attempt to put the Upper Peninsula in its place. In a column entitled “Political insider: Snyder, Schauer head north, stump for Yooper vote,” the Detroit News staff questioned the political wisdom of gubernatorial candidates wasting their time north of the Mackinaw Bridge.

Noting the Governor planned to spend five days in the U.P. the News said, “The likely foes in the 2014 gubernatorial election spent this week working or campaigning in the political wilderness.”

The article noted that in addition to Snyder, Democrat Mark Schauer was touring the Upper Peninsula as well.

The News continued its snarky tone by noting “… the Upper Peninsula – where 3 percent of the state’s population resides, or where trees and critters outnumber people.”

We cannot help but bristle under these remarks. Are we to assume that our 3 percent of the state doesn’t deserve a visit from the governor, in the view of The Detroit News?

We should remind the Detroit media that Rick Snyder is governor of the ENTIRE state, not just the area south of Clare.

With impressive turnouts at events throughout the U.P., we’d venture to guess a greater percentage of folks up here turned out to visit with the governor than in larger metropolitan areas.

We took particular umbrage over the comment regarding trees and critters outnumbering people. Funny. When the governor visits Traverse City, does the News mention it’s an area with more cherries than people? Or Mackinac Island where there’s more road apples than people?

Of course not. These are ridiculous comparisons, as was the one regarding the U.P., trees and critters.

With the City of Detroit in bankruptcy and its elected officials neutered by a state-appointed manager, we’d think the Detroit News would have bigger issues to opine over, rather than taking cheap shots at the good people, regardless of our number, here in the U.P.