Land would be a good Senator

To the editor:

Terri Lynn Land is running for Carl Levin’s seat in the Senate. She did a terrific job as our Secetary of State for two terms. We got better service for less money. Now it is time to elect her to the Senate. She plans to visit many of our towns and cities to meet us face to face.

If you are worried like I am about the loss of freedoms, increasing debt, Obamacare, IRS targeting us for our beliefs, then Terri Lynn Land is your answer. She will be our voice and defend our freedoms. She will repeal Obamacare, and replace it with a free-market solution. She is a friend of free enterprise and these actions will spur economic growth, lead to job creation across America and put our country back on track.

We need common sense voices in Washington. Terri Lynn Land will be that voice. She will also be available to you like Dr. Dan Benishek has been in the House. Remember her name when it comes time to cast your vote. Land stands for Land of the Free.

Lois Dahlquist