Credible wolf review needed

To the editor:

In regards to the plan to remove wolves from the endangered species, which has been on hold, it is unknown if it will delay the delisting of the wolves.

Some of the leading wolf experts were removed from the list to stifle descent. There were 16 scientists who signed a letter to Interior Secretary Jewel which flouted the ruling and they made a statement that it would cause an ecological disaster.

The process has come under fire due to the removal of the wolf experts from the review.

The FWS did not order the removal of the scientists, but they wanted to make sure that it would be independent thinking.

The solicitation for experts were sought with backgrounds in wolf ecology. The scientists were not doing advocacy work and there would not be a conflict of interest.

The review process could not be cherry picking by the FWS and could not flout the rules of the White House which established that there had to be experts with a variety if opinions.

Credible review is critical to the success of endangered species recovery of the wolves.

Thank you for your time.

Cheryl Kindschy

Helena, Mont.