Killing wolves is no answer

To the editor:

The sole purpose of wildlife management in this country is to maximize numbers of opportunities for hunters and fishermen. The (now) majority of Americans that would like to “take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints” routinely see our predators decimated in the name of better hunting for humans.

It is therefore thrilling that the review required for removing wolves from the endangered species list is delayed because the “independent committee” was tampered with and the wolf scientists removed.

Note carefully: where the wolf has been delisted there is mostly a slaughter in progress, with public officials stating they “want to kill as many wolves as possible”, and disagreeing with the reintroduction in the first place.

Ranchers, homeowners who live near large carnivores, even huntsmen need and deserve support and ideas for best practices of living with these animals. Killing them off is not the answer.

Chris Albert, DVM


Junction, Ky.