Stanton ‘rounds up’ new kindergartners

STANTON TOWNSHIP – As students prepare to go back to school at E.B. Holman Elementary School, two new teachers and a new principal/superintendent are getting ready to welcome students as well.

Lisa Normand will be taking over as kindergarten teacher. Normand previously worked at Lake Linden-Hubbell as a K through 6 special education paraprofessional for 18 years. She is excited to run her own classroom with this year’s group of 12 kindergartners, who got the opportunity to meet Normand during a kindergarten roundup, held Wednesday and Thursday at the school. The students, who will be in kindergarten for a full day when the school year starts on Sept. 4, spent three hours at the school each of the two days, learning the rules and getting acclimated to Normand and the routines they will experience daily during the school year.

“It’s funny, I told them (the kindergarten students) I was a little nervous coming in and they all said they weren’t nervous at all,” said Normand.

“They’re excited to be here. It’s nice because when they come back the jitters are out of the way – we already know each other.”

Normand’s classroom neighbor, first-grade teacher Chris Kulju, is also starting his first year at E.B. Holman. Hailing from Ishpeming, Kulju taught three years of Head Start in Delta County and is preparing to take on a class of 25 first graders.

“I’m really looking forward to getting to know the kids. First grade is such a great grade to teach because you get to see so much progress,” Kulju said.

“They come in having just learned their letters, letter sounds and numbers, and they leave being able to read, count, add and subtract. It’s such a big growth year and I’m just really excited to be in this position.”

Joining the new teachers is new principal/superintendent Rich Sarau. Previously he taught in Lake City, and as a Michigan Technological University graduate he is happy to be back in the area.

“I’m excited to be up here and start with a new school district,” Sarau said.