Thanks for help with home tour

To the editor:

On behalf of the Historic East Hancock Homes Tour Committee; I’d like to thank the following people who helped make the Aug. 17 home tour such a great success:

Glenn Anderson and Hancock city council members; John Hauessler, Sesquicentennial chair and my “go to” person; John Rosemurgy for his technical expertise; Steve Walton, who designed and wrote the beautiful brochure; Emily Fiala for ticket distribution and manning the ticket booth with Dolores Kilpela; Maia Fiala for producing the poster; Christy Hilgers for the canopy; Vicki Chesney, gofer and volunteer co-coordinator who assembled our team of volunteers and made sure tickets, money and volunteers were all going in the right direction; Shelby Hamar, volunteer co-coordinator for the Stone Steps refreshment stop; Leslie Hamar for making directional signs; 5th & Elm for ticket sales and the lemonade and coffee donation; Frank Fiala for the emergency lemonade delivery; Ellie Alexander for manning the refreshment table; Judy and Mike Usitalo for the use of their patio table; Jan and Becky Bruins-Slot for the table and garbage can; our young refreshment servers: Conner Polkky, Evan Labyak and Erick Flaspohler; our set up and take down crew: Dave Chesney, John Polkky, Mike Usitalo and John Rosemurgy; our home volunteers: Margi Boissevain, Makenzie, Camryn and Marnie Polkky, Andrea Bourne, Mandy Lounibos, Roy and Mina Wakeham, Pat Murley, Becky Bruin-Slot, Ted Belej, Stephanie Rowe, Sandy Uusitalo, Joan Tapani and Tom and Ian Figures; East Hancock residents for bakery and food items; Marquette Monthly; Book Concern Printers; Samantha Schutz at OHM; Habanaeros for their promotional discount; Todd Van Dyke; Dirk Hembroff ; Copper Country Arts Center; Northwind Books and all the businesses who displayed our poster. Last but not least, our homeowners: the Barrios-Figures family, Philip and Renee Johnson, Steven and Alice Walton, Janice and Dieter Adolphs, Bonnie and Phil Kukkonen, Eric Seagren and Jennifer Becker and RuthAnn and Stephen Smith.

Thank you to the appreciative and respectful public who came out in droves to tour our homes. Not only did we raise funds for the stone steps restoration but we also raised awareness on the importance of preserving our historical neighborhood and homes. These homes have stood the test of time and their elegance, beauty and craftsmanship stand as a testament to the rich history of the city of Hancock.

Cindy Barrios-Figures

East Hancock Homes Tour Chair