Land would be a good Senator

To the editor:

To the Mining Gazette, thank you for your article, “Plan to remove wolves from endangered species list on hold.”

I, like millions of American appreciate the wonders of nature. Wolves are magnificent, intelligent creatures, and are a significant part in maintaining nature’s balance.

The delay, while a brief relief for wolves, is based on a decision for the FWS to replace unbiased wolf experts who opposed the delisting of wolves. Wolves have only begun recovery, and have only limited territory where they are permitted to roam without fear of man. These experts objected to the delisting of wolves as this decision would oppose the purpose of the ESA, and the ecosystems the wolves are struggling to survive in.

Perhaps the FWS is looking for some experts that would side with them and the small percent of trophy hunters that enjoy committing torturous acts to wolves. It is apparent the FWS is set on selling out the ESA, and the majority of the public wanting the wolves protected.

The need for the FWS to use unbiased, scientific facts is essential, as is full protection, so these majestic gifts will continue to recover.

I like so many others are imploring the FWS to realize the value of wolves and respect the majority of citizens wishing the wolves remain on the ESA.

Irene Sette

New Milford, NJ