Rescue Ranger

Crew members of the National Park Service vessel Ranger III conduct a “rescue” Thursday of a dummy in Portage Lake. The Ranger III takes visitors to Isle Royale National Park, and Superintendent Phyllis Green said the rescue drill was being conducted for the first time.

“We’re looking at improved methods of man or child overboard (rescues),” she said.

For years, the Ranger III crew members have conducted lifeboat drills for simulated rescues, but Green said NPS officials thought a faster method of rescue was needed because hypothermia caused by the cold water of Lake Superior can begin in a few minutes.

There will be two more rescue drills with the basket, Green said, and next week the method will be demonstrated to the Coast Guard, which must approve it.

No one has fallen overboard while on the Ranger III yet, Green said.

“We would hope we would never have someone go overboard,” she said.