A senior at the town hall

To the editor:

Dr. Benishek,

Jesus said that we should, “feed the poor and heal the sick.” Where does it say that we should do this only as long as we don’t have to pay more taxes?

I saw you the politician, not the doctor, pandering at your 8-19-13 Hancock Town Hall meeting to the mostly seniors who have national health care (Medicare) and who mostly reflected the Tea Pots (lower taxes and get rid of Obamacare).

What has happened to your physician’s oath? I think that doing no harm should include the thought that the lease among us should have the opportunity to have the care of a physician.

The people at this town hall meeting should be ashamed for only thinking about paying lower taxes. Our nation ranked 39th for infant mortality, 43rd for adult female mortality, 42nd for adult male mortality, and 36th for life expectancy in 2006.

I observed that most of the crowd shook their heads in agreement about voting down Obama-care when the U.S. House has tried forty times and you, the politician only offered that we need to fall back on private insurance.

This is a position that, by itself, will not be able to take care of as many as fifty million of our citizens who will never be able to afford health care.

Thus, it is an ignorant, arrogant and naive approach at best.

We had steady three and a half percent economic growth from 1932 (fact) until 1980 when President Reagan started changing the tax structure.

We had a strong economy with steady growth with a top rate at times of 90 percent.

After 1980, Republican legislatures have eroded the tax structure that we had which would have covered new health care costs. They refused to allow President Johnson’s Medicare Plan which was set to lower the eligible age by ten years every ten years so that by now every American would have what only I and the other mostly seniors in your audience enjoy.

Not only would industry not have health insurance costs on their backs and be more able to compete but America might not have to be placed in such a lowly world ranking.

Allan Baker