Thankful for a little good news

To the editor:

I turned the TV on to CNN news this morning (8-22-13) as I do every morning. Before I turned the sound on (ear phones) I saw a young family being interviewed. It was a nice looking young family: a father, mother, teenage son and two teenage daughters. Why are they on CNN I thought?

With all this killing and Middle East garbage and natural disasters going on in the news today it was refreshing to hear an almost too good to be true story in the news for a change.

It turned out the 37-year-old father was dead for 45 minutes at the hospital because his heart stopped. The family prayed together with their Pastor but the doctor came in and gave them the bad news. As far as man’s ability goes all hope was lost.

But: praise God He’s still in the miracle business today; as He was in the time of Jesus.

The young son was not going to give up just because the doctors did. He returned to his dad’s room not to say: good-bye to him, but to say: “You’re not going to die today dad.”

Shortly after the boy spoke those words the pastor said: “Look there’s a pulse.” They ran to the family to give them the good news. Wow what a story. There was no brain damage.

Jesus said: (speak) to those mountains in our lives and if you, through faith, believe without doubting; you will see those mountains cast into the sea before your own eyes.

Beware of false teaching that says the gifts of miracles, like: supernatural healing are not for today. And by the way, it’s not [God’s will] that you’re sick; don’t blame God, blame the devil if it makes you feel better. The devil is more likely the one that made you sick if it’s not your life style that is your enemy.

Here is some good advice from the wisest man that ever lived. (Proverbs 3:5-8/4:20-22/16:23-25).

Thank you CNN for that story.

Jack Sprietzer