SNAP part of a commitment

To the editor:

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) also known as the Food Stamp Program, is our country’s most critical anti-hunger program; helping more than 47 million Americans meet their basic food needs. 25 million of SNAP enrollees are children.

According to the Michigan Department of Management and Budget the average food service related worker earns $20,770.00 annually. Wages for workers in big box stores and fast food joints are deplorable. Yet, this much needed food program has become the target of Republicans with their ongoing fight over reducing federal deficits.

In July, the Republican controlled House passed a new farm bill that stripped funding for food stamps entirely, (it is still pending in the Senate). But, House Republicans have proposed a separate bill that would again cut $4 billion from food stamps and other similar nutritional programs.

Republicans and Fox news hosts want you to believe that anyone who obtains assistance is just lazy and/or should get a job. As Democrats, we believe food stamps and other social services are part of our country’s commitment to help those struggling and it is our moral obligation to help our neighbors meet their basic needs.

Tea Party Republicans continually blame our high national debt problem on the many social programs that help those so called lazy people. The truth is our high debt problem in-part is subsidizing big box stores like Wal-Mart, or fast food joints like Mc Donald’s.

These corporations pay their employees such a low wage, much lower than our cost of living that these workers sometimes work two jobs and still don’t earn enough money for housing, food and clothing, let alone saving for their future. They often rely on federal and State assistance programs such as food stamps, housing subsidies, earned income tax credits, and Medicaid just to survive!

Let’s put the blame where it really belongs, House Republicans have blocked our President and Congressional Democrats on every economic approach, whether it is to increase the minimum wage to a living wage or a economic stimulus package that would help increase good paying jobs like rebuilding our antiquated schools, bridges, roads and railways in America.

Those voting to elect these radical right wing Congressman in Washington are just uniformed fools that really don’t understand the human consequences of cutting food programs, affecting children, seniors and the disabled.

Sometimes I wonder do they even care?

Roger Halquist

Bruce Crossing