Camp relies on your generosity

To the editor:

This August, Camp 911 held its 15th emergency preparedness extravaganza. eighty children attended camp.

A similar number of energetic, compassionate volunteers were there making it fun and educational. The camp is free.

It survives on the generous donations from individual, business, and organizational contributors.

Camp 911 offers sincere appreciation to: Portage Health, Aspirus Keweenaw Hospital, and Mercy Ambulance, our three major sponsors, for providing the foundation upon which to build. Additional thanks to; Houghton Keweenaw Medical Control Board, Superior Rent All and Sales, Dial Help, Ed’s Used Parts and Towing, Superior Graphics, The Bike shop, UPPCO, Dr. Klemme, Mike Rose and the Keweenaw Comm. Foundation.

Many volunteers contributed to the success of this year’s Camp 911. Each individual gave so much of themselves to these children.

In doing so, they have left a little piece of their wisdom and grace for the children to carry forward as their lives unfold. My heartfelt thank you to: Mercy EMS (Ray, Sara, Jamie, Ruthanne, Art, Pat, Jesse, Paul), Dial Help (Sue, Rhys), Portage Health’s food services (Mark, Diane, JT, Patty, Emily) and communications (Connie, Jess, Michael), Calumet Township Fire and Rescue (Paul, Jesse, Pat, Dylan), Huron Town Fire and Rescue (Brian, Marty, Jared, John, Chris), Michigan State Police Troopers (Steve, Vince, Jason), Marquette Sherriff Corporal (Errol) (Karen, James), and Houghton Sherriff Deputy (Jon) Houghton City Police Officers (Nick, Angela), UPPCO line electricians (Jim, Cory), Houghton County Airport crew (Phil, John) , Michigan Tech ROTC (Lt. Stephanie and Mjr. Paula), Bootjack Fire and Rescue (Greg, Paul) Medical and Emergency educators (Jan, Liz, Katie, Derrick, Ashley, Sarah, Joni, Katie), and the Counselors (Samantha, Mike, Zach, Steve, Chloe, Maddie, Becky, Bryanna, Christen, Brianna, Courtney).

Each year brings obstacles and blessings. This year we were fortunate to have assistance from MDOT interns: Jake, Chad, James, Daniel, Bradley.

A last minute walk on, they were a tremendous support to the success of camp.

Thanks Dave Maki and James Kaura for sending them our way! Gerry you were missed, Ray you rocked it!

Judy Pruner you are loved! Wouldn’t happen without you!

To the volunteers, my sincere gratitude for your willingness, energy and time.

The wisdom you shared today will actively live on throughout each camper’s lifetime.

A worthy legacy for a generous group of “givers!”


Ann Clancy