Our children deserve better

To the editor:

A few years ago, I brought to the attention of local residents and readers of the Daily Mining Gazette the annual publication of the Detroit Free Press newspaper which identifies outstanding senior scholar-athletes.

In April, for the past 21 years The Free Press documents graduating seniors-men and women, who succeed in both academics and athletic excellence.

Titled, “Meet some of the best kids Michigan has to offer” the most recent list was published June 23, 2013.

In April of this year, The Free Press contacted every Michigan High School to send the names of its top senior men and women to be recognized.

The following local high schools did not respond (this year – 2013):

1. Houghton High School

2. Hancock High School

3. Chassell High School

4. Jeffers High School

I think it is disappointing that some of our local school districts did not take a few minutes to contact The Free Press with the information requested. (More than 390 schools did respond). Our children deserve better. The Copper Country deserves better. Publications honoring outstanding graduating students do not go unnoticed.

Dr. Calvin Waisanen