A waste of our highway taxes

To the editor:

I’m curious to know why, when our state is broke, a new and extremely wasteful movement is afoot. Two years ago MDOT ripped out all of the serviceable 4×6″ wooden posts that hold all of our state highway signs.

They then proceeded to replace them with identical brand new 4×6″ wooden posts.

Today I’m seeing these new posts being ripped out and replaced by shiny new galvanized steel posts. I’m disgusted to be living in a place where the City of Hancock can’t afford to pave the streets while the state wastes $millions on projects that mean absolutely nothing.

Can it be perhaps that a government official has a brother-in-law who owns a road sign post company? How have we come to a place in history where we are served by totally inept or just plain corrupt public agencies?

Ron Studer