Seneca Lake wolf problem

To the editor:

I have a shack at Seneca Lake. There is a heavy wolf presence there, constant. A few nights ago, after the short, violent storm, a pack came up, and tried to dig into my shelter. I got too close to one of their kills. The same day, in the morning, a lot of howling goes on, and those long, endless moans. They keep a watch on me.

The DNR is issuing 44 wolf permits. If you should get one, use a tree stand, if is legal. I would be very happy if a hunter would come to Seneca Lake, success seems very likely for the hunter.

I am “The Hermit of Seneca Lake” and many people locally have read my books, written under the name J.T. Perry. I have spent six years, “seasons” at Seneca Lake, and the wolf problem is growing.

Ernie Sutinen