Upset by police officer behavior

Dear editor,

Enclosed please find a letter dated 8/24/13 which I have composed and sent via certified mail to the City of Houghton Chief of Police about an issue that should be shared. Please find space in your publication to warn our fellow citizens. Since writing the letter the issue has been resolved.

Dear Chief Donnelly:

I am writing this letter in regards to an encounter I had the displeasure of experiencing in your city on Aug. 23, 2013, at 1430 hrs. I would like to provide you with the involved officer’s name, however, he did not offer me the courtesy of introducing himself. Let me begin by saying that I am 100 percent in agreement that I made a significant error in parking my automobile in an inappropriate spot. I am not denying this, nor am I questioning my responsibility for the offense.

For the past 26 years, I’ve worked as a full-time Flight Nurse/Paramedic. I have worked with literally hundreds of law enforcement officers from all divisions, and have never observed such inappropriate behavior as what I (and numerous others) witnessed by your officer on Friday afternoon.

My encounter with said officer began while I was involved in a business transaction at the office of a local realtor. While conducting my business, your officer burst in the door, and without identifying himself or apologizing for the interruption, asked in a very loud voice, if any of us owed “the black car out there.” I asked if he meant the black Cadillac. At this point, your officer began a tirade the likes of which I have never seen from a LEO. He spoke in a loud, irate voice, and proceeded to belittle and humiliate me, as if I were a child. In realizing that I had, indeed, made a parking error, I attempted to apologize and explain that I simply had not realized that I was partially blocking the driving lane. He continued to rant, flailing his arms, and shouting profanities. I gave up trying to reason with him, moved my car, and returned to my business meeting to a bevy of stunned faces. All were amazed at the totally inappropriate display they had just observed on the part of you officer.

If you so desire, I would be more than happy to sit down across the desk from the involved officer and/or yourself, at your convenience to discuss the matter further.

Mary Brownell