GOP leadership saved Michigan

To the editor:

Michigan’s two greatest assets are its citizens and its land, in fact they are Michigan’s heart and soul. Luckily for Michigan, Republican leadership has used surgical precision to fix the Michigan economy and bring Michigan back to life.

Republican leadership under the guidance of Governor Snyder has worked meticulously with a scalpel to carve out and fix every part of Michigan that was wounded.

Whether it was giving Michiganders the confidence to stay in Michigan, encourage businesses to come to Michigan, or preserving and improving Michigan’s resources, Republican leadership has worked tirelessly for the State.

Let us not forget, that while Republicans have used a scalpel to fix Michigan, Democratic leadership took a sledgehammer and with one fell swoop brought about the lost decade that almost took away Michigan’s life.

Michiganders know this and know that Republican leadership has looked out for Michigan’s best interests and will continue with that pledge. So, when 2014 comes around, remember Michigan Republicans recognize, respect, and honor Michigan’s greatest assets.

Lawrence Brozowski