Democrat sings same old song

To the editor:

Re: “New Democratic Party chair visit,” September 9, 2013

Lon Johnson talks about Michigander’s being “fired up” and ready for change. Well, Lon must still be reading the playbook from 2010. In 2010, Michigander’s were fired up and ready for change and the citizens voted in Governor Snyder along with Republican leadership in the House and Senate.

Since Governor Snyder took office, he has helped pull Michigan out of the lost decade that plagued the state during the Granholm years. Michigan is finally growing again and the government is working for the citizens of Michigan, rather than some hidden interest.

From listening to Lon we can tell that chapter 2 of that playbook must be about candidates. Unfortunately, the chapter on candidates is just as out of date. Lon Johnson talks about running two good candidates, however, everyone knows Schauer and Peters are both perpetrators of the lost decade and have done nothing to help Michigan.

It isn’t easy running a party with an old playbook, but Michigan doesn’t have to worry. Michigan Republicans are leading Michigan through the decade of growth with a playbook that all Michiganders can support.

Robert Niemela