Paving projects to be finished by end of Oct.

HOUGHTON – A number of Houghton paving projects are scheduled to be finished by the end of October.

At Wednesday’s City Council meeting, Department of Public Works Supervisor Mark Zenner discussed a planned $613,630 of fall paving projects.

Zenner said a start date for most of the projects hasn’t been set, aside from Bridge Street, which will start next week and be completed the following week. The Federal Emergency Management Agency projects will go out for bid next week; they will hopefully be tied to the other local street paving projects, he said.

“It would be at least three weeks before anything would start, at the very minimum,” he said.

Zenner said there will be 2 inches of new blacktop plus 4 inches of asphalt base.

“The several years I’ve been doing it, it seems like the roads have been holding up pretty tremendously,” he said.

Major and local street funds will cover $231,320 of work on Garnet Street, Agate Street from 10th to Seventh avenues; Clark Street; the S curve on Franklin; Baraga Avenue from Second Street to Military Road; Fourth Street on Baraga to Calverly avenues and South to Houghton avenues; Jasper Street from Franklin Avenue to the dead end; and Huron Street on Douglas to South avenues and South to Houghton.

“Since I’ve been here, 20, 22 years, that hasn’t been touched,” Zenner said of the stretch of Baraga Avenue.

In contrast to the full-width street work under the major and local funds, the water and sewer project will consist of one lane or half the street. Water and sewer project funds will cover $52,560 of work on east and west Sixth Avenue; Seventh Avenue east and west of Quincy Street; Second Street on Edwards to Calverly; West Douglass from Bridge to Second; and West South from Bridge to Second.

The Bridge Street project will use $143,750 of Michigan Department of Transportation Small Urban Paving money. The project is scheduled to start next week, he said.

“There’s a pretty significant push,” he said.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency money would be used on Garnet Street from Hickory Lane to the Michigan Technological University lot; Portage Street from Sharon Avenue to Seventh Avenue; and Ridge Road from Frog Pool going north.

Zenner said he is meeting with FEMA tomorrow to discuss those projects.

“They are going to participate in some fashion,” he said. “It’s just a matter of if it’s going to be 75 percent, or less than that.”

Zenner said the state may also be able to fund paving on the upper portion of Military.

Zenner said additional projects may also be considered next year.