Republicans are listening to people

To the editor:

“New Democratic Party chair visits,” September 9, 2013.

Fight earlier, fight everywhere, fight often, and fight for victory? The reason Michigan lost a decade is because of this attitude. The Michigan Democratic Party does not care about Michigan, its citizens, and its resources.

It cares about winning elections and winning those elections at any cost.

Michigan Republican leadership has taken the opposite approach and has listened early, listened everywhere, listened to everyone, listened often, and listening brought about victory.

Michigan Republicans have put Michigan’s citizens and interests first, and we are lucky for that.

While the Michigan Democratic Party is attempting to make headlines by attacking Republicans for alleged failed leadership, Republican leadership is making their own headlines.

Those headlines are about how Michigan has risen from the ash and how Republican leadership has put Michigan back on the map.

Michiganders recognized this and have stood side-by-side with Michigan Republicans ever since. This unity has created a listening tour.

The Michigan Republican Party, Michigan Republicans, and Michigan’s citizens are going door-to-door to continue to listen and make sure every citizen is heard.

The road to Michigan’s continued recovery is built on the bricks of listening, not fighting.

So let your voice be heard, because one party is listening.


Ken Johnson