Tech in-state tuition for vets a good move

At this Thursday’s meeting of the Board of Control of Michigan Technological University, the board will act on a recommendation from the administration to grant in-state tuition rates to all military veterans who have been honorably discharged regardless of their state of residence.

We applaud this recommendation and strongly urge the Board of Control to adopt this policy. Michigan Tech has enjoyed a close relationship with the U.S. military for many years and we feel this is a natural fit in that relationship.

Continuing an education is often the logical step next following a military career, regardless of duration. Any financial break an institution can offer to honorably discharged veterans, while significant, is merely a fraction of what is owed those who served this country.

Michigan Tech, as a premiere, world-class university, is constantly looking for the best possible students. By offering in-state tuition to honorably discharged veterans, the university is looking to attract not only students of academic achievement, but those of high character as well.

We applaud the recommendation and are confident the board will do the right thing in this regard.