Grace runs a great program

To the editor:

I just returned from Grace Lutheran Church in South Range. I witnessed an awesome program for kids K-5. It runs from 3-6 p.m. every Wednesday during the school year, at the church. There is no cost and it is well-staffed by many caring adults, even some great MTU student volunteers! Each child had a snack after arriving(some came on the school bus!). Then it was off to enjoy some physical activity, and burn off some energy! Pastor Sally told them a story afterward and then they went to make a craft that helped them to remember the story. After that, those with homework, could receive help from adult volunteers, some of whom are teachers, or continue to making other crafts until they were picked up. This program ROCKS! If you have a child interested, there’s still room for them.

Get in touch with the church at 482-2011, to get the details!

Christine DeForge