Political parties aren’t different

To the editor:

Can you imagine Michigan Democrats taking over in November and slapping a 4 percent tax on small business gross income? The impact would be devastating.

Now for the reality check; Michigan Republicans voted in a 4 percent income tax on all retirement gross income for the majority of all retirement seniors in Michigan. And it’s due this coming January! For my wife and I that’s over $4,000. In just one year our taxes will climb that much.

That cash would have gone into the local economy in purchases and donations but I guess Lansing can use it for better things.

And this was all done by Tea Party Republicans. I agree; they are using a ‘scalpel’ to cut the deficit. It’s just how they are using it on retired citizens’ income that is deadly.

People need to realize there isn’t much difference between a Democrat or a Republican; they’re both just politicians. As for those of you who like leaning to the far right or the far left, keep this in mind.

Life is like a canoe; keep yourself upright and balanced in the middle or plan on getting wet.

Chris Sturzl