Massage, yoga have many positive effects

HOUGHTON?- Let’s face it: life is hard. And sometimes a way to relax is needed other than a glass of wine or a bag of chips. For people who are looking who a maybe healthier way to unwind, there is also massage or yoga. But relaxing isn’t the only benefit from them.

One place in the Copper Country where people can find those services, is The Element on Shelden Ave.

When The Element co-owner Christina Irwin was attending Michigan Technological University, she had body work done for migraines. By body work, she means chiropractic and massage.

For Irwin, that was her introduction to massage.

Irwin is now a Certified Massage Therapist and got into the profession because she sees so many positive benefits and effects from it, which she said can differ for everyone.

“If you’re an athlete and looking to be the best you can, getting massage or doing yoga or eating healthy all of those help prevent injuries,” Irwin said. “And helps you speed up your recovery time.”

Irwin said it can also be beneficial for children who have behavioral issues or autism in school.

“They’re having trouble in school, a lot of times they’ll have headaches and they come in and get work done,” Irwin said. “The parents will get back to me, ‘They did so much better this week.’ The benefits of massage go through the whole population. It’s not just one group.”

The Element’s other co-owner is Dana Bianco, whose child has developmental delay.

“She works with her daughter and her daughter focuses better in school,” Irwin said. “She sleeps better at night.”

Irwin doesn’t go so far to say that massage or yoga alone is enough to help certain conditions. She recommends it as a supplement to any other medical treatment.

“If you incorporate it into your life, it could help alleviate certain discomforts. It could help prevent certain illnesses,” she said.

Yoga is another way to help and Yoga Instructor Lena Wilson has over 200 hours of experience.

When she was 14, Wilson found out she had scoliosis. Doctors wanted to put brace on her and she said no. She then started doing yoga.

“I never had to wear a brace. I’ve never had surgery on my spine,” Wilson said. “I’m crooked still, but when I went back into my doctor, my curve had actually measured less.”

Wilson agrees that Yoga can have the same positive advantages.

Right now, Wilson does a home practice, but is currently looking for a bigger space.

Irwin charges $45 a session.

For more information, call The Element at 906-201-2561.