Geraldine Fouts

In Loving Memory of Geraldine Fouts…

O Thou Kind Lord! This dearly cherished maidservant. Was attracted to Thee, and through reflection and discernment longed to attain Thy presence and enter Thy realms. With tearful eyes she fixed her gaze on the Kingdom of Mysteries. Many a night she spent in deep. Communion with thee, and many a day she lived in. Intimate remembrance of Thee. At every morn she was Mindful of Thee, and at every eve she centered her thoughts upon Thee. Like unto a singing nightingale she chanted Thy sacred verses, and like unto a mirror she sought to reflect Thy light. O Thou Forgiver of sins! Open Thou the way for this Awakened soul to enter Thy Kingdom, and enable this Bird, trained by Thy hand, to sour in the eternal rose Garden. She is afire with longing to draw nigh unto Thee; Enable her to attain Thy presence. She is distraught And distressed un separation from thee; cause her to Be admitted into Thy Heavenly Mansion. O Lord! We are sinners, but Thou art the Forgiver. We are submerged in the ocean of shortcomings, but Thou art the Pardoner; the Kind. Forgive our sins and Bless us with Thine abundance grace. Grant us the Privilege of beholding Thy Countenance, and give us The chalice of joy and bliss. We are captives of our own transgressions, and Thou art the King of bountiful favrs. We are drowned is a sea of inequities, and Thou art the Lord of infinite mercy. Thou art the Giver, the Glorious, the eternal, the Bounteous; and Thou art the Al-Gracious, the All-Merciful, the Omnipotent, He Who is the Bestower of gifts and the Forgiver of sins. Verily, Thou art He to Whom we turn For the remission of our failings. He Who is the Lord of Hosts.

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The Plowe Funeral Home of Houghton has been assisting the family with the arrangements.