Houghton manager Scott MacInnes to retire in 2014

HOUGHTON – Houghton City Manager Scott MacInnes will step down from his position in February, and retire from the city at the end of 2014.

MacInnes has been with the city since 1974, when he started as recreation manager. He became assistant city manager in 1980, then moved up to city manager in 1997.

MacInnes said he started considering retirement about a year ago as the end of his contract neared.

“I felt that it was in the best interest of the city that I step down and work underneath a new city manager for a while through my contract, through 2014, and if needed, beyond that,” he said.

MacInnes isn’t sure what his job title will be. However, he said it will not be assistant city manager, even if current assistant Ann Vollrath moves up.

MacInnes said he would be interested in working with organizations such as the Keweenaw Peninsula Chamber of Commerce, and working on projects.

“As assistant city manager, I really enjoyed doing that,” he said. “The grind of the city manager, it’s time to pass on that – and pass the baton. I think this is a transition plan the city council’s been working on with myself, and we knew at some point I was going to step down, and hiring somebody and having me work with them is the right thing to do.”

MacInnes’s contract is set to expire at the end of 2014. He has asked the council to consider changing the end date to Sept. 23, his 40th anniversary with the city. He would still stay on through the end of the year.

Mayor Bob Backon said the city will take resumes starting today and continuing until Nov. 5. The council hopes to hire a new manager by Dec 1. The new manager would then have time to work on the new budget, which must be passed at the end of June.

“It’s bittersweet for us to see that our city manager’s now gaining on that age where he wants to maybe look at something else,” he said.