The Bible has all the answers

To the editor:

Any bible believer knows the answers to the questions posed by the Californian writer (DMG 10-3-13).

1. “Disease producing organisms were created” and entered the world because of disobedience to God in the Garden of Eden.

2. I refer the writer back to No. 1 to explain the “predatory world.”

3. Hmmmm “… poisonous plants and animals?” Could Adam’s sin be responsible for these too?

4. No “years [were] wasted on dinosaurs.” A not uncommon Allosaurus fossil was recently given to the Creation Museum, nicknamed Ebenezer. Much of the spine and 97% of the skull were found (Utah), including 53 teeth still in place. According to Answers in Genesis, finds like this are a confirmation of Noah’s worldwide flood. The “comet or meteor” is a myth.

5. Oops, back to No. 1 again. No “violent storms, earthquakes,” etc., were recorded in the Garden. But Jesus more than once predicted these things (Mark 13:8).

6. Jesus gave us scientists like J.J. Thompson (discovered electrons) and Cavendish who is credited with discovering the neutron (See Internet). He also gave us Galileo and Sir Isaac Newton plus Einstein and numerous others. Once man no longer lived in the perfect world God created, he had to figure things out for himself.

7. Again, check the Internet for the greatest mathematicians of all time.

8. There is no “best political and economic system.” We’re told to obey authority (Rom 13:1,6 and Heb 13:17). But we’re to obey God first (Acts 5:29). Once disobedience to God entered the world and humans were expelled from the Garden (Gen 3:23-24), mankind has been doing pretty much his own thing.

9. Jesus Christ made the ultimate sacrifice of his sinless life to save all who would repent and accept Him as Lord and Savior. He paid in full the debt for our sins – past, present and future.

My question to the writer: Didn’t you ever study for an exam? Wouldn’t that require searching out the answers for yourself? One book has the answers to all your inquiries: the Bible.

Try reading it with an open mind.

Marilyn Sager