Bridge article was misleading

To the editor:

Regarding the article “What If the Bridge Went Out,” this article says a lot about very little. The second headline is misleading. There is nothing about plans for a long-term outage of the bridge. The article is all about immediate transport of patients to a local hospital. We who live north of the bridge would like to know more. In case of a long-term outage how would supplies like food, petroleum products, medications, get here? What would happen to the local work force when people couldn’t get to their jobs on either side of the bridge? If the disaster affected more than just the bridge, would there be repair vehicles and personnel available on the north side? There are so many scenarios to consider. Are there plans in place? What are those plans?

This article was the weekend headline and had over five columns of space. What it didn’t have was pertinent information as described in the headline.

Pam Grill