Angle parking has got to go

To the editor:

The reverse-angle parking on Sixth Street in Calumet is easily the worst idea ever devised by the village – ever. The dangers and difficulties include:

Instead of simply putting on a turn signal, slowing down and pulling into a spot, the driver must STOP and BACK directly into traffic, trusting that the driver behind understand his/her intentions ahead of time. This is a completely unnecessary risk.

The driver must back into a space only slightly wider than his/her car, a maneuver not common to most drivers.

This must often be done to fit between two other cars, which may or may not have parked properly between the lines, and be done without the advantage of complete view of the solid lines, which are easily visible while angle parking in the usual manner.

The only possible advantage to this method of parking is that someone who is drunk will have a slightly easier time pulling into traffic. Other than this -which is moot, since a drunk person should NOT be driving – there is no logic to this system.

It is not only unpopular, it is dangerous.

I have a difficult time understanding what would possess the village to implement this reckless parking system.

Richard Buchko