KLT appreciates all the help

To the editor:

The Keweenaw Land Trust (KLT) hosted a successful dedication event at the Hungarian Falls on Saturday, October 12th. We thank all those who came to celebrate the establishment of KLT’s newest nature area and learn about plans for the future of the property. We were fortunate to have Brian Foreman representing Torch Lake Township, a partner in this conservation success story. We were pleased to have MTU Professor Christopher Plummer describe his students’ project capturing the Hungarian Falls sense of place by recording its natural soundscapes. Participants enjoyed cookies donated by Toni’s Country Kitchen and apple cider from Louie’s Super Foods. We thank KLT volunteers who also provided snacks and helped with the event. We thank the extended Andrew and Sophie Aho family as owners of adjoining property for generously supporting the project and welcoming the KLT to the neighborhood. We thank the Daily Mining Gazette (DMG) for news stories on this project’s development. We aim to serve and involve the community, which is fostered by local news coverage. The DMG commendation of KLT on its editorial page was tremendous recognition and is especially appreciated.

But we would have had nothing to dedicate on that Saturday if not for all of the donors that made purchasing the property possible hundreds of people deserve thanks for their donations. Supporting organizations included Copper Country Audubon, Community Foundation of the Upper Peninsula, Copper Country ISD, Keweenaw Chain Drive, and the Audubon Society of Kalamazoo. Business supporters included Osmose, Inc., The Wood’n Spoon, Brownstone Hall, Copper Island Treasures, Favorites Custom Apparel, Lakeland-Luoma Insurance Agencies, Nitrate Elimination Company, Quincy Footwear, Red Jacket Trolley, Yarns & Threads, Pat’s Foods, and Roy’s Bakery. Memorial donations were made for Dorothy Ager, Anne Buschell, Barbara Cloutier, George and Jean Hauke, Robert M. Klein, Marjorie A. Maynard, Larry Mackey, Bernie Karjala, Ralph Raffaelli, Mick Chambers, and Marty Tarbox. Donations were dedicated to John Ferry, the McDowell Family, Raymond Maynard, Bill Kuenzi and John Irish, Sherwood Price, John L. Turovaara, and the Phil Nancarrow Youth Initiatives. With community support, the KLT can protect more of the Keweenaw’s special places to be available for public enjoyment.

Stewardship work at the Hungarian Falls Nature Area continues, with MTU senior design students under Professor Stan Vitton helping with site assessment and planning. At 7 p.m. on Tuesday, October 29th at the MTU Forestry building, the student design team will present their results and solicit input on site management options – the public is encouraged to attend. For more information, visit KeweenawLandTrust.org or call 482-0820.

Evan McDonald,

Executive Director