Appreciation for DMG article

To the editor:

It was with great pleasure that we read the recent article “Room with a View.” Our thanks to the Daily Mining Gazette, and in particular, Scott Viau for taking time to interview Donald Johnson. As stated in the article, Mr. Johnson was stationed at the Sand Hills Lighthouse during World War II and at the age of 92 he still comes here each year. He was so thrilled to be interviewed and Scott did a wonderful job doing so. Don now lives at the Henry Ford Retirement Center in Dearborn and we have sent him, at his request, 12 copies of the article so he can share his little moment of “celebrity status” with the other residents.

Too often individuals are recognized after they have passed away. Thank you, Scott Viau for making this article a reality while Don can still enjoy it. To quote Donald Johnson yesterday, “I’m on cloud nine.”

Bill and Mary Frabotta