Asking for help for Kayleigh

To the editor:

My Granddaughter Kayleigh is an autistic 4 year old child who is being denied dental treatment here at her dentist office because of her having autism. They claim that it’s a safety issue. I’m sure that in the past they have come across other children with similar issues and have found a way to treat them. The Americans with Disabilities Act states that no one shall be denied treatment because of a disability. My daughter has called several local offices and has been told they cannot take Kayleigh on or do work with special cases. I don’t understand this, in this day, that dental offices wouldn’t have access or the ability to work with a local hospital to put her under to get the treatment taken care of. They have found a dentist in Green Bay Wisconsin that will take her but the downfall is that because they are out of state they don’t take our state’s insurance.

They have Delta Dental also and the Green Bay dentist will only take a percentage of the insurance.

My granddaughters final out of pocket will be close to $3,000. We have done fundraisers and collections to help with the cost but we are less than half way there and her appointment is next month to take care of her abscess and decay that is happening.

I’m hoping that some local dentist will see this and help. My daughter is Shannon Skotarczyk and my number is 906-281-1467.

Gail Frank