Time to stand up for freedom

To the editor:

I am dismayed by the lack of coverage of the awesome events of this past weekend (Oct. 11-13). Thousands of patriotic Americans stood up and said “enough!” of big government, “no more” loss of our liberties. Thousands converged on Washington, D.C., and thousands more held events across the United States–all in support of our Constitution and our Veterans.

Nothing was mentioned about the elderly vets who were blocked from entering their memorial. Not one word was said about the truckers who rallied in support of the vets and our constitution.

We are losing the America I once knew. Our liberties are steadily being taken away. Our Constitution is being stripped, only to be replaced with socialistic ideology. Christians are being villified, while other religious groups, such as Muslims, are being protected and affirmed.

Jesus Christ’s return is very close. Despite my knowing that the happenings in our world today are all part of the winding down to the Tribulation, still, I no longer can sit quietly and watch my beloved America being destroyed without taking a stand.

It’s long overdue for Americans to get off their duffs and stand up for our freedom. Christians, it’s vital that we get down on our knees and pray fervently for this country and this world. Time is short!

And as for this newspaper? I will not be renewing my subscription.

Marlene Vickery