NSA spying on us is laughable

To the editor:

I have to laugh at this whole NSA “spying” on us controversy. Think about it. Credit card companies and retailers have basically been doing the same thing for years; collecting and even selling our information.

And that’s just the retail market. Cell phones, computers, if we put it out there anyone can access it. They tell us that. We know that. But as soon as someone “exposes” a government connection out come all the anti-government fear mongers and conspiracy theorists. Privacy in this day and age? Really, are we that naive? I’m not suggesting that Snowden is some kind of hero but I don’t think he’s a traitor either. If you didn’t know this was going on then you are a fool. And Snowden’s persecution is a fool’s folly. No system of government is perfect but we are still the greatest and have more freedoms than any country on this planet. Let’s not forget that.

Leslie Ronald

Tolonen Jr.