Incumbents move on in KBIC primary

BARAGA – Eight candidates, including all incumbents, advanced to Keweenaw Bay Indian Community’s general election after primaries Saturday.

In the Baraga district, incumbents Fred Dakota and Elizabeth “Popcorn” Mayo were the top vote-getters with 89 and 84 voters, respectively. Also moving on from the Baraga district were Donald Shalifoe Sr., who had 82 votes, and Gary Loonsfoot Sr., who had 80.

In the L’Anse district, incumbents Michael LaFernier Sr., (78 votes) and Toni Minton (70) will head to the general election, accompanied on the ballot by Eddy Edwards (62) and George DeCota (41).

Voters will choose two candidates from each district in the Dec. 14 general election. The board members serve three-year terms.