Decision on wolf hunt not sound

To the editor:

The NRC’s decision to hold a wolf hunt is not sound. It ignores the voices of Michigan citizens, and is not based on sound scientific principles.

Over of a quarter of a million Michigan citizens signed the petition the last time to get the wolf hunt on the ballot. The Michigan government negated the voice of every one of those citizens. If this can happen in Michigan, it can happen in any state in the country. Keep Michigan Wolves Protected has starting a second round of signature collecting. Will Michigan government ignore the voices of its citizens yet again?

Governor Snyder was wrong in stating that science would be used in Michigan’s wolf policy. There was no science involved in this decision, only politics which ignored the will of the people. He is still ignoring the will of the people now.

Wolves are not eaten by humans, and are therefore not “game.” This is a trophy hunt. Trying to name it something else does not change the facts.

Kay Beams

Eden Prairie, Minn.