A message to all Americans

To the editor:

If you believe in our Constitution, want less government and regulation, less taxes, want the government to live within a balanced budget and the freedom to own a gun, then you are a Tea Party person. That is what they want. Which one do you disagree with? The Democrats have lost you because they are against all of these. The Democratic Party is no longer the Party of old. They have been taken over by Socialists and you did not realize it.

Here is something to consider. How did all those big metal fences and professionally done signs suddenly appear to fence off all the Memorials in Washington? Don’t you think they had to be made months ago? Obama was planning this for a very long time. That’s why when the Republicans passed two dozen bills to fund the government and all the Veterans, Harry Reid in the Senate refused to do anything with them. He was taking orders from the President to shut down the government. The Democrats shut it down and then blamed the Republicans. We are too smart to fall for their schemes, or are we? They sure would not want all those expensive fences to go to waste. After all these lies, can you still vote Democratic? This is a very important question.

The bill to open the government is in “lawyer” language, so it is hard to tell exactly what it says, but it looks like the Congress gave the President the right to raise the debt ceiling. It is back on page 34 of 35 pages.

When Obama was asked if in three months we would have to go through this again, he said “no.” No one is talking about this. It is such a disaster because Obama will spend us into bankruptcy.

We are well on our way. I am afraid if we don’t wake up soon, it’s over. The American we grew up in is gone. Obama set out to “fundamentally transform American,” and all you who voted Democratic are allowing him to do it. He wants to control your health care and your guns.

This is the first step toward Communism. America is well on her way. Soon it will be impossible to turn it around because so many are willing to let the government support them. Lazy will lead to slavery.

Lois Dahlquist