Angle parking, meters must go

To the editor:

Back In Angle Parking a recent letter here described how dangerous it is and how difficult to do.

Is it used anywhere else in the world?

Calumet Parking Meters:

Keep customers away. What is one reason people go to malls and Walmart? lots of free parking.

How fun is it to:

Have to remember to have the correct change?

Have to remember to not let your time run out or get a ticket?

Slog through snow and ice to put money in them?

Try to put coins in with gloves on?

Are not fair.

Why do some businesses have them and others do not?

Cannot possibly generate enough income to justify the damage they do to the Calumet businesses who try so hard to be successful.

Calumet is a special town with its beautiful old buildings and its good people. It deserves to thrive not just survive. Calumet parking meters and back in angle parking need to go.

Ciari Johnson