DA Glass looks to open soon

HANCOCK – DA Glass is hoping to open its facility at the Houghton County Memorial Airport industrial park by the end of December, its president and CEO, Steve Williams, said Wednesday.

The company announced in April it would be expanding to the Keweenaw.

The plant chemically treats plate glass to reduce the amount of solar energy lost to reflection, and is also developing products such as self-cleaning glass.

DA Glass was originally supposed to start production in July, which has been pushed back because of delays in getting line equipment from Europe.

“We’re kind of at the mercy of what’s sitting on the ocean, and then getting it installed and tested,” Williams said after the Keweenaw Economic Development Alliance meeting in Hancock Wednesday.

DA Glass has nominally begun looking through 1,600 applicants, Williams said.

“There’s a big stack,” he said.

The initial workforce will be about 30 people. Positions range from general production and maintenance level to robotics engineering. Chemists and engineers will also be needed for a research-and-development facility, although Williams said that is about a year away.

DA Glass received a loan from the Michigan Economic Development Corp. on the condition that it create 102 jobs and invest $10.5 million within three years.

“Our anticipation is that it’ll be higher than that,” Williams said.