Deer season should be a safe and happy time

Today marks the start of Michigan’s firearm deer hunting season, a time that is viewed as holiday-time in some circles.

And while the season does provide benefits that benefit our economy and natural resources, it seems each deer season the state in general and the U.P. in particular do have their share of tragedies. Health problems caused by sedentary hunters unprepared for the rigors of an outdoor adventure, accidental shootings, hunters who become lost in unfamiliar surroundings and traffic accidents all make the news state-wide this time of year..

The real tragedy is nearly all of these can be prevented. In Wednesday’s Daily Mining Gazette we included a special Deer Hunters Guide. Among the articles are safety checklists we suggest every hunter take along to camp and read completely.

By learning and then practicing safe hunting and firearm handling techniques, the odds of accidents can be greatly reduced.

We appreciate all that the firearm deer season means to the Upper Peninsula. And as we wish all area hunters the best of luck, here’s to a tragedy-free season.