Hunting should not be a tool

To the editor:

I am shocked at the use of hunting as a management tool. In Oregon where I live, non lethal methods are used, as they have been for thousands of years in France, Spain and Italy to prevent predation. Your article doesn’t mention exactly what conflict you are countering. The NRC’s decision to hold a wolf hunt is not sound. It ignores the voices of Michigan citizens, and is not based on sound scientific principles. Science shows indiscriminate killing causes chaos in the pack as experienced older wolves are removed leaving wolves leaderless and likely to get into trouble!!! Wolves are not eaten by humans, and are therefore not “game”. This is a trophy hunt. Trying to name it something else does not change the facts. Gray wolves have not recovered and should not have been removed from ESA protections in Michigan or any other state. They occupy only 5 percent of appropriate habitat.

Thank You for this forum to discuss issues.

Judith Jarrett

Springfield, Ore.