Are we in The Twilight Zone?

To the editor:

Sometimes I think our government is living in the “Twilight Zone.” Remember the TV Show? In one episode a man kept living a horrible day over and over again; he had died and was in “Hell.”

Our government is slowly taking this country; “To Hell in a hand basket”? Why even have a debt ceiling; they keep raising it over and over again. They manufacture a crisis every year for their political gain and all that does is put unnecessary stress on people. It makes our government look like a bunch of wealthy, educated idiots to everyone, including China and the rest of the world. Congress will keep raising the debt ceiling till the borrowing stops; then we’ll either, go bankrupt and stick it to the Chinese, Japanese, Saudis and filthy rich Americans that financed our debt. Or the Feds will print so much money that we’ll need to wheel barrel full to buy our groceries. Either way we lose the “American Dream.”

Who’s to blame for this mess? We the voters are. Puppets will march to whoever is pulling their strings. People keep voting the same Congress in year after year. In the last election, over 90 percent of incumbents were reelected. Why? Because we like our own Congress people, after all they get us our grants, programs and freebees even though the country is broke and can’t afford them. Have you ever heard the phrase: “A chicken in every pot?” Those chickens didn’t come cheap they may have coast many their “American Dream.”

We’ve created a money-sucking, money-wasting monster. They’re sucking the life out of the middle class. How can we save the system when the monsters make the laws that govern them? They make all the rules, regulations and control the purse strings of this country. How can we fight that with one vote? I can’t and neither can you. We need a movement by the middle class voters similar to the “Tea Party” but neutral from the Republican and Democratic parties. It’s time to remove those career politicians from the “Twilight Zone” they’ve created and take America back to being the “United States of America” not a Divided States of America.

The only way to change this is to change the way elections are financed and limit Congress to two terms.

Jack Sprietzer