Keweenaw is targeting RVs

To the editor:

So, Keweenaw county wants RV owners to move their RV’s off their own property.

Reason – No primary building. Basically what they there saying is they don’t want you in Keweenaw county unless you can afford to build something they can tax you for.

I know people with RV’s set-up all year in Houghton county with no primary building and there are no problems.

Why do people buy RV’s? Not to have them sitting next to their house nine months out of the year. Towing a RV can be expensive gas wise. People who are lucky enough to own a piece of property should be allowed to keep their RV’s parked there all winter. Some of these RV’s are a lot nicer then some of the camps I’ve been in. But a camp is a primary building which pays more taxes.

If I have to pay someone to move my RV twice a year I’ll be spending less money in Keweenaw county. I’ll make sure I buy enough supplies before I head to the camp. And if I want to go for a ride I’ll head south. A lot of places in Houghton, Baraga and Ontonagon counties to see and to spend my money at. I hope other RV owners do the same.

Vernon Kreivi