Generous with others’ money

To the editor:

Liberals tell us how generous they are but they are generous with other people’s money. It is confiscated through taxation and spent to buy the votes of the increasing number of people forced to depend on government.

What is a limousine liberal? It is a rich person who hates rich people, especially those who earned their wealth by successfully running businesses.

The government should help the poor but not in such a way that it penalizes success and destroys free enterprise. Poor people benefit from a healthy economy but it is weakened by parasitic socialism and big government.

I grew up in rural poverty and my working class income has never been high enough to put me in the middle class. However, I know that the capitalist Henry Ford did more to help the working class than did the Communist Karl Marx.

I have a sarcastic suggestion: Why stop with the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)? Why not also have a federal program that forces everyone to buy a new car? It could be called the Affordable Car Act (Obama CAR). Think how it could help the economy by increasing car sales.

Such a program created by liberals would have some very unsavory aspects: A mixture of socialistic big government and crony capitalism would probably force people to buy politically correct cars such as hybrids. The car companies would benefit by increased sales but be required to hire illegal immigrants who will be future citizens and anti-capitalist liberal voters.

President Obama would probably go for such a program. It would give him more opportunities to lie to the American people.

Robert Kohtala